Whether you are buying your first home or next home 'House of Mortgages'  will provide access to the best home loan interest rates, the best advice, and work with you right throughout the home buying process.

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Mortgage Repayment Calculator

The Mortgage Repayment Calculator can be used to quickly assess your monthly repayments over different terms and at varying interest rates.

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Have you been offered the best interest rate, and advice for your existing, or new mortgage?

'House of Mortgages' works with 14 Banks and Lenders to make sure you receive the best home loan offer in the market

Why you should contact House of Mortgages

  • Discounted Home loan interest rates
  • Free service – we are paid by the Lender
  • 14 Banks and Lenders
  • 95% loans available
  • Fee free bank accounts
  • Refinance, or new purchases
  • No loan application fee - usually up to $500
  • Visit you where, and when it is convenient
  • Save $1,000s in interest and years off your mortgage
  • Home loan assessment - how much you can borrow, how to apply for a mortgage, and making sure you have the best interest rate, and loan structure
  • Member of largest mortgage broker group in NZ

Banks and Lenders that we work with include:

Mortgage Repayment Calculator